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M. Pournaris Design & Construction maintains its special position among its competitors constructing a vast variety of private projects:

Commercial properties, residences, hotels with immense success. The vast number of projects successfully completed certifies the company’s qualitative and aesthetic abilities.

A company you can trust that will complete your next construction project or renovation on time, affordably and with guaranteed quality.

Plan and Decorative Study


M. Pournaris Design & Construction takes on the study and planning of all interior and exterior design:

  • New or old residences.
  • Commercial properties.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Hotels.
  • Offices.
  • Bakeries, a domain in which Pournaris Design & Construction has been highly successful in over the last few years.
  • Interior and Exterior architectural lighting.

…we deliver high quality and functional design, proof of which can be found in our extensive client list.

Oversight-Project Management


M. Pournaris Design & Construction is affiliated with distinguished architects, civil engineers and decorators to offer quality of the highest standards.

This is how the department of supervision and management of projects was developed. It is responsible for the oversight and smooth completion of all constructions and projects in accordance with each study. The company’s vast experience and know-how organizes and coordinates construction crews and solves any construction issues that may arise for prompt completion of projects.

Tourist Accomodation


Plan your next summer
Renovate-Repair your beach house or commercial property!

  • Building-Completion of residences, professional spaces and hotels.
  • Renovation- Interior and exterior for residences, commercial properties and hotels.
  • Design- Interior and exterior design of homes and landscaping.
  • Oversight- management of projects.

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